About Us

O'Donnell5-beesWe are Dirk and Rachel O’Donnell and we love bees.

It all started in 2010, when we moved from the heart of Oklahoma City to a rundown farm on six acres just outside of Guthrie. It was our dream to have a hobby farm and provide for ourselves. Then some friends approached us with an idea. We had land and they had bees they needed to relocate. It was a perfect match, and the rent, well it was oh so sweet!

As we watched the bees work, we were fascinated. What amazing creatures! Then the true obsession took hold. Before long we had our own hives and honey. Oh, the honey! Our first year we made well over 200 pounds. That’s when we decided this could be more than just a backyard hobby and we created Six Acre Bees.

In 2017 Dirk’s full-time job moved us to the Tulsa area. While this was a difficult decision, we decided to make the move. We sold our six acre farm and bought land outside of Claremore. We brought the bees with us. While our farm isn’t on six acres anymore we decided to keep the name. It’s how we started!

We now have two apiaries in the Claremore area and are looking for more. Our honey is 100% raw, we just strain out the wax! We also hand make our beeswax lotion bars and lip balms. Everything comes from our bees and their wax and is made in Oklahoma.